Three years later... It was a cold and damp autumn morning in a small coastal village located in the remotest corner of a Nordic European country. Inside a café, a beautiful young woman was sitting down at her table, calmly sipping on a hot beverage from a big mug. A new generation laptop was open in front of her, its screen reflecting a cold digital light on the girl's adorable facial features. She was the only customer of the café and, judging from the town's almost empty streets, it looked like not many other people were going to show up in that small town hangout on that day. The only other human beings in the premises were a young female barista and some other invisible employee who was busy washing dishes and preparing snacks in the kitchen which was hidden from sight by a wall set behind the counter. The atmosphere in the room was very placid and relaxed. The interior of the café was entirely coated with the dark wood of the nearby forests which gave the place a rustic a


A Tale of Female Martial Arts Supremacy By Kicked72 Part 5 of 5: The Finale, Act 4 (Torture, Execution, Peace) Hanging Boss, Kicking Girl The pulley had now reached a height of almost twelve meters above the floor. That’s where the young female warrior stopped it: calmly, she checked that the height was adequate for her next move. Then she spoke to the man who was agonising under her feet: ‘We have come to the end of this journey: this is your last station, filthy pig! This how you die!’,  she said with a calm but severe tone. As soon as she said those words, the barefoot girl jumped into the air, always using the body of the boss as her trampoline. As she jumped, she simultaneously released the chains that held the ankles of the criminal. The girl’s swift action made the man’s body move from a parallel to a perpendicular position to the floor. Once again, the boss was now hanging by his wrists, which were tied above his head: he groaned in pain as the weight of his entire body was now