Female Martial Arts Justice (Pt. 1 of 4)

Female Martial Arts Justice (Pt.1 of 4) by Kicked72 PROLOGUE She was just a little child when the evil crime boss and his gangsters attacked her family’s home. The m afiosi  were seeking revenge on her mother and father, two high profile investigators who had just prevented the mobsters from finalizing an important drug deal. The boss decided to counterattack as viciously as he could: by bribing corrupted police officers, he discovered the true identity and home address of the secret agents. The m afioso  put together a commando of his most ruthless  sicarios  to attack the family home of the couple: he joined the expedition himself to show the two agents - and other potential enemies - how merciless and determined he was in crushing whoever stood between him and his illegal trafficking. The attack took the family by surprise: despite being largely outnumbered they put up a heroic resistance, taking out several gangsters. It was all in vain though: the criminals managed to capture the

Kill for the Pantyhose, Die by the Pantyhose!

Kill for the Pantyhose, Die by the Pantyhose! A spin-off adventure from the Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady saga by Kicked 72 1. A Date with the Monster The door of the apartment opened on the empty living room of a luxury bachelor pad: a man and a woman walked in, talking and laughing amiably. The two had just met each other for the first time in a bar downtown. The man had noticed this stunningly beautiful young lady drinking on her own: the two began  exchanging complicit looks. Finally, the man walked up to the lady to chat her up. In a few minutes - and after a couple of drinks  - the two strangers started flirting sensually. The woman accepted the man’s invite to follow him to his nearby apartment, to continue drinking and, obviously, spend the night together.  As soon as they entered the man’s apartment the woman removed her overcoat, revealing her sexy attire. She was wearing a very short and tight mini dress and high heel pumps. She looked stunning: the man was particularl